Summer schools: an enriching experience

During my studies in Denmark I attended two Summer Universities: Aalborg University Summer School and DTU International Summer University.

During both summers I met new people from all over the world, made new friends and worked in projects that were not a core part of my regular curriculum but were super interesting.

DTU Summer University

I attended DTU Summer University during summer of 2013 working along other students (coming from France, Italy and China) in two projects:

  • My favorite project involved modulating VCSELs for optical access and FTTH. I had the chance to tinker with lab equipment, simulators and finally write the report.

    I really liked the idea of making an end to end project that started with lab measurements which were later used to simulate a bigger scenario in VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems.
    Check the presentation we did with our results below:

This is the report we wrote:

  • The other project I worked in was about making use of OPNET to simulate a P2P network under different scenarios. Check the presentation with our results below:

Aalborg University Summer School

I attended this Summer University during summer of 2012. I had the opportunity to work in a large seven people group (members coming from Denmark, France, Greece and Spain). We were all attending the Network Coding class and we did a practical project trying to asses the advantages of Network Coding in a simple scenario.
Check the slides with our conclusions:

During this Summer School, it was my first contact with Project Based Learning that I would be working with over the next two years.


Overall Summer Universities were a really enriching experience. I can therefore not recommend enough to attend at least a Summer University during your studies and maybe later on apply for a summer internship to get relevant industry experience in your field.
At Skyscanner we offer motivated students summer internships throughout most of our European offices. Check our current internships and do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any doubt!

Some Summer University links:

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