About me

I am Telecommunications Engineer passionate about the ICT industry.

Currently working as a software engineer at Skyscanner.

MSc. in Wireless Communication Systems at Aalborg University.
BSc. in Communication Systems Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Attended four Universities in two countries working in multidisciplinary teams.

I enjoy learning about new technologies that I could eventually make use of to implement an innovative service.

You can find more about me listening to this podcast:

I like:

  • Doing sports (running, football, padel)
  • Travelling around Europe
  • Reading (Kapuściński, Tom Wolfe)

If you wanna get in touch, hit me up on @equirn

I am part of the Skyscanner Barcelona Ambassador group organizing events at the @CodeVoyagers office for the software developer community in Barcelona like the Python meetup or the Docker meetup among others. Get in touch if you are looking for a space to host your SW-related meetup in Barcelona.

This blog is just a quick reference for mainly technical stuff I find interesting.

Previous experience

Ericsson, Spain

MassM2M research group at Aalborg University, Denmark

  • During my Master studies in Denmark, I had the opportunity to work in the MassM2M research group and participate in the entire product life-cycle, from the initial research up to the development of a prototype for a robust wireless communication system.
    Check this video for a demo of the system transmitting audio over WiFi even after a jammer is switched on.

Reseiwe, Denmark

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