Barcelona Blockchain Meetup - June'17

Yesterday I attended the Barcelona Blockchain Meetup. My goal was to get a feeling of the developer community in Barcelona around this technology.

There were only 4 presentations about the following projects:

Previous to the meetup, I have read about the concept of ICOs in this Techcrunch piece of news. In the meetup, I learnt about a new concept, the DAO.

I have become very curious lately about the blockchain technology and its possibilities to disrupt the backend infrastructure that powers our digitalized society.

The Wings Project explained their mission of adding transparency to the ICOs through external vetting of the projects. The external contributors that are rewarded for their work and opinion. The concept seems interesting but I doubt how scalable and reliable can become such process.

The second presentation revolved around NEM a project I had not heard of before. Basically, the talk was a small demo of 2FA for this blockchain network.

The third talk was about B9lab, a company that offers training around the Ethereum blockchain.

Finally, the fourth talk dealt with Fluon, a company that presented their vision on the future of asset management through blockchain. One of the points addressed during their presentation was about how their technology will enable for many people to invest freely. A flawed point for me since the inherent problem is not as much the possibility to freely invest but the concentration of assets.

I expected the meetup to be more technical than it was as it seemed more like commercial presentations than a debate on the technology itself and its possibilities.

The blockchain space is certainly interesting and things are moving quickly as the following news show:

I am increasingly excited and curious about the applications that can be derived from Blockchain.

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