HackUPC - Oct'16

HackUPC is a student-led and student-oriented hackathon for tech-enthusiast held in Barcelona, at the premises of Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya over the weekend of October 1st 2016.

I attended the event as a company representative for Skyscanner, the main sponsor of the event. The hackathon gathered 500 students from all over the world and was an immense success.

This was my 4th hackathon over the last year so far but my first one as a sponsor and not a participant. Therefore, the event gave me the opportunity to gain a different insight for this kind of events.

I spent about 18 hours at the event during weekend with the goal of helping participants make the most out of Skyscanner API.

The quality of the submissions was astonishing. It is quite refreshing to see how much can be achieved over a weekend of intense work and collaboration. The projects submitted making use of the Skyscanner API are posted here

One of my favorite moments during the Hackathon was the ‘Science Fair’ demos at the end of the event. As part of the judging panel for the Skyscanner prizes I got to know the motivations behind the projects that were crafted during the weekend and learnt more about the rapid prototyping techniques and technologies that hackers made use of to create an MVP.

Finally, I had the chance to deliver a short talk at the end of the event where I encouraged attendees to apply for a position at Skyscanner after talking with them over the weekend about company culture and mission.

Overall, attending this event as a sponsor was a really good experience. Looking forward to attend another hackathon soon enough!
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